E.r is the constable of Heavens Hope. Formerly an officer in the British Army, he was assigned the Heavens Hope district at the end of his active military service, which he gladly accepted.

He is an Irishman as he is in the book: tall and broad, rather angular, with slightly red hair and whiskers. The constable is a good guy at heart, if not downright sensitive, but on the outside he keeps the tough facade, after all, he is a veteran and for a long time was the only one who ensured law and order in Heavens Hope, which he did quite colorful population threatened to grow over the head from time to time. Not least because of this, he was grateful when Greta came to Heavens Hope and was not at all enthusiastic about the heterogeneous population and the different lifestyles, rituals and cultures and then proclaimed herself the new Grand Inquisitor and swore to take care of order in Heavens Hope . But McCallum also joined her for another reason …


B.As the son of a cotton farming family in Tennessee, ill was deeply rooted in southern America and its culture until his wife Stacey was killed in the first squabbles of the emerging civil war. Horrified that America was no longer the land of opportunity he loved, Bill went to England to take over the Stacey’s family’s orphaned farm. But although Bill now has the feeling that he is still close to his wife in Heaven’s Hope, as a freedom-loving American he can only be hostile to the ruling Inquisition there. When Talorel finally shows up, Bill initially distrusts him because he thinks he is a spy for the Inquisition, but later, grumbling, becomes a mentor who tries to support our hero in a friendly, almost fatherly way.


D.he protagonist in “Heaven’s Hope” is the main character controllable by the player. At the beginning of the story, as a student at the Angel Academy, there is only one final exam that separates him from becoming a real angel from a candidate for an angel. With his friends and “wingmen” Myriel and Azael, he will compete against the team of his archenemy Umorel. When he mocks Talorel’s flying skills, Talorel shows his impulsive side during a training flight, which later often leads him to misjudge risks or to ignore them completely. To show Umorel how well he can fly, he ventures dangerously close to the edge of the Heavenly Barrier, until he is suddenly hit by an unidentifiable flying object and falls to Earth.